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29 March, 2004 11:17 PM

Interface options for the Casio BE-300 make for a more exciting PDA! 

Stock Casio BE-300
Pocket Manager

with Top Menu

The original interface

Top Menu is arguably the worst interface for a computing device since DOS Shell... and it's just as clumsy.

Thankfully, you don't have to be stuck with a menu of what is essentially a list of applications.  Find out how you can install a powerful, useful and intuitive interface onto your BE-300.

The choices I'm going to offer you on this site will allow the more timid user to keep Top Menu and simply "skin" the interface, or allow the bolder user to completely replace the operating system.

Be sure to check out the various tools and add-ins to maximize the enjoyment of your Casio BE-300 Pocket Manager.

Windows XP Bliss
eXpod / KC Menu IIe
hybrid system

Windows XP on your BE

If you're used to Windows XP, then why shouldn't you be able to use that interface on your PDA?

All of the familiar links are here... All Programs, My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, Control Panel, Search and Run.  In addition, you have access to a Today screen for quickly viewing upcoming appointments and tasks, and a Status screen for quickly viewing the status of your PDA (battery level, memory and storage space).

eXpod and KC Menu IIe are required.

Download Windows XP Bliss

eXpod / KC 4 Bee
hybrid system

Take a reading, Mr. Data

Maybe you want a complete departure from the Windows style interface.  Well, if you're a Star Trek fan, then how about going with a Starfleet Tricorder, circa 2366?

This fully functional animated and eye-popping skin is compatible with the Windows XP Bliss skin.

Click to learn more about our newest skin!

KC Menu IIe or KC 4 Bee is required.  eXpod is recommended but not required.

Download Tricorder
*Note: Updated on 8/9/2003 to correct a minor graphic anomaly.

Choosing Your Operating Environment
Getting started

First, let's take a look at the two most popular alternatives to Casio's Top Menu. It's always important to know what you're getting prior to making the decision to install software.  Here's a little help...
here will allow you to do just that!

KC Menu IIe
Casio's original Top Menu reamins in place as the heart of your PDA.
A completely customizable interface.  Download skins or design your own.
High comfort level for new BE-300 users because Top Menu remains as the operating system.

Learn more

eXpod 6.1
A replacement operating system based on Windows CE and featuring a PPC2000 compatibility mode and built-in task swapping capabilties.
Casio's 4 Mb limit for running applications has been overcome.
Faster processing speed.
Learn more
And now for something completely different...

As of this writing, I've been testing this OS for about a week.  There are few (if any) pre-written skins.  However, if you want your BE to behave almost exactly like a Pocket PC, then this OS is for you.

However, be warned that there is no support for Windows Media Player with this OS.  Alternatively, GS Player 2 and WinAmPAQ (for MP3s) and Pocket TV (for MPEGs) offer excellent alternatives to the Microsoft product.

A replacement operating system based on Windows CE.  Compatible with many PPC apps.
A completely customizable interface.  Download skins or design your own.
Forthcoming versions will allow PPC plug-in support.
Learn more

Essential Tools and Add-on Software
Freeware and Shareware to help you fully enjoy the BE-300 experience.
Maximizing your enjoyment

Regardless of the operating system you choose, it's important to have the tools to make your experience with the BE-300 as pleasant and fulfilling as possible.  Here is a selection of freeware and shareware that will do just that.

Browse the contents of your BE-300 in Windows Explorer on your PC.  Manage, copy and paste files between your PC and your BE-300.  Requires PC Connect (comes with your Casio BE-300 Pocket Manager).
Game Box
This suite of games is guaranteed to keep you occupied for many hours!
Version 2.5 - Works with eXpod (version 3 does not).  The two versions are virtually identical.
GS Player 2
Audio player.  If you'd like an alternative to Windows Media Player on your BE-300, GS Player is an excellent choice.
List Maker
This little tool is great for shopping lists, gift lists, To-Do lists or any other list you can think of.  Guys, never again forget what your wife really wants for her birthday!  Be sure to check out the other apps especially for the BE-300 at ScaryBear Software!
Money Minder
Keep track of checks you've written or upcoming bills to pay.  Import and export information to/from Quicken and Microsoft Money.
Requires eXpod
Pocket Internet Explorer
For the Microsoft junkie.  Genuine Internet Explorer for your BE-300.
Requires eXpod
Pocket Streets 2001 (b)
Think of this as MapQuest for your BE-300.  If you're on the road, this tool is indispensible!  Many maps are also available.  Just check out the thread at the eXpod/PPX forum!
Pocket TV
View any content in MPEG-1 format.  Free for personal use!
Spread CE Spreadsheet
Create, view and edit your spreadsheets.  Compatible with Excel.
Listen to your favorite MP3 files, create playlists.  Includes equalizer, skinnable and more!
Comments?  Questions?  Suggestions?
Here's your chance to put in your two cents' worth.  E-mail me.
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