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Make your Casio BE-300 into a Starfleet Tricorder!

This is a special version of the KCMenuII today/desktop skinner application for the Casio BE-300 written by Greg Mason.

This package includes a default skin with 16 assignable spots and menu on the "Bee" picture.

To install simply place the cab file into your BE-300 with  beXplore or ActiveSync and then install wherever you want.

Download KC4Bee

KC4Bee update

To install this update, just replace the KC4Bee.exe file with the one included in this .ZIP file.  Improvements include:
  1. KC's start menu is disabled, thus saving memory.
  2. You can have a directory open up in any file manager. If you place a shortcut in the KC menu app directory and rename it "Finder", KC will use that application instead of the shell32 file manager.
  3. Fixed a problem with the list box in the Assign File dialog.

    Download KC4Bee Update

Note: Although TVThemeGuy is offering KC4Bee as an optional download, please note that TVThemeGuy does not offer support for the operating environment known as "Bee" at this time.

This download is offered because KC4Bee is fully compatible with eXpod 6.1 and will save precious memory when in operation by not including redundant options (such as a Start Menu) that eXpod already contains.

KC4Bee is not intended as a standalone application. 



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