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Make your Casio BE-300 into a Starfleet Tricorder!
Assemble an Away Team

You're on an alien planet.  You need to scan for lifeforms, monitor your ship's warp plasma flow and check your schedule for your next doctor's appointment.  What do you use?
The answer: Your Tricorder!

Alright, so we're not offering you an actual Tricorder... but we can offer you an amazing simulation for your Casio BE-300 Pocket Manager!

Maybe you want a complete departure from the Windows, Pocket PC or Top Menu style interface.  If you're a Star Trek fan, then a Starfleet Tricorder, circa 2366, is the way to go!

All of the functionality native to your BE is here... and is fully customizable.

Once installed, your Tricorder has a fully functional Today screen complete with an integrated Task Manager.

Unlike other products out there that call themselves "Tricorders," this skin is as close as you can get to the real thing!

In addition to all of the functionality of your BE, your new Tricorder also includes features that are strictly eye-candy!
  • Conduct a Proximity Scan!
  • Do a Warp Plasma Flow Analysis!
  • Perform a DNA Scan!
User-definable hotspots make your Tricorder highly customizable.  Pre-defined hotspots give you the control you need for doing everything from powering off to conducting your own scans.

To achieve this effect on your Casio BE-300 Pocket Manager, here is what you will need:

If you are using...
Stock Casio BE-300 with Top Menu

Then you should download and install...
KC Menu IIe

If you are using...
eXpod 6.x

Then you should download and install...
KC Menu IIe
or KC4Bee

Button Map

A note on compatibility...

Certain buttons on your Starfleet Tricorder are shared with the Windows XP Bliss skin that is available from this website.  Those buttons are:

Tricorder Windows XP Bliss What it Does
ALPHA Calendar desktop icon User-mappable to Calendar.exe
BETA Tasks desktop icon User-mappable to Tasks.exe
GAMMA Contacts desktop icon User-mappable to Contacts.exe
DELTA My Documents desktop icon User-mappable to the My Documents folder
TRICRDR My BE User-mappable to any File Manager type application installed on your BE..
FWD Search User-mappable to any search utility installed on your BE.
ID Control Panel User-mappable to the Control Panel.


Comments?  Questions?  Suggestions?
Here's your chance to put in your two cents' worth.  E-mail me.
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