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2 August, 2006 11:28 PM

Blurring the line between PDA and PADD!



Pocket LCARS
features a truly integrated interface.  Everything from the Task Bar to the Today Screen and even Windows Media carries a true LCARS interface.  This TNG (or The Next Generation) theme is the first in a projected series of fully integrated LCARS themes for the Pocket PC.
Now, TWO flavors to choose from: The Next Generation and Voyager!

UPDATE (8/3/2006) : An updated version of Pocket LCARS is coming soon, designed especially for Dashboard version 3 (and WisBar Advance) and will include support for multiple and high resolution devices! Final testing is under way. Watch for it in just days!

What's Here?
Turn your Pocket PC into a Tricorder!
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Designed specifically for Pocket PC
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Starfleet R&D has adapted a 24th century Mark VII Tricorder as a working model for use on 21st century Pocket PC devices.

BE-300 Stuff
What to do with your BE-300
Tricorder skin

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More Pocket PC Stuff...
CE Capture
Macromedia Flash Player
Microsoft Money 2002 for Pocket PC
Microsoft Money 2004 and 2003 for Pocket PC

More coming soon!

Comments?  Questions?  Suggestions?
Here's your chance to put in your two cents' worth.  Contact me.
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